Rudesindo Mannia

Rudecindo Mannia was a prominent artist in Gibraltar, throughout his life. He is particularly renowned for his Gibraltarian landscapes which typically have a lot of detail. 

Mannia was born in 1896. He lived to the age of 83. He was married and had a daughter called Pepi (Josephine). He lived all his life in Gibraltar, except for the time during WWII when he was evacuated to Northern Ireland. Since childhood he was deaf in one ear due to having contracted scarlet fever.

Rudecindo painted mostly in oils, although he also experimented with acrylics, pastels, charcoal and water colours. He tended to sell his paintings cheaply as he was prolific and he felt that they were meant to be enjoyed. Apart from painting, Mannia was also a photographer and an art teacher.

His reputation and achievements in art are now held in great esteem both in Gibraltar and beyond. To illustrate this, in 2005, when the Gibraltar Government named seventeen new buildings in the newly completed Edinburgh housing estate after citizens regarded as THE seventeen leading Gibraltarians of the twentieth century, Rudecindo Mannia had one of the buildings dedicated to his memory.

Additionally, at the Gibraltar International Art Exhibition that takes place annually the award for a young artist is called the Rudecindo Mannia Prize.

In 2008, Mannia was posthumously awarded the Gibraltar Medallion of Honour for services to art.


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