Gibraltar Cultural Services have announced the winner for this year’s Spring Logo competition. 

Although sadly the Spring Festival will not be held this year, it is important to recognise the efforts of those who took part. 

The First Prize and winning entry was awarded to Jenna Lopez. The winning entry will receive a cash prize of £500.  

With 418 entries and the high standards received, the panel decided to grant a further 9 highly commended awards as follows:

Sarah Devincenzi  Adult Entry
Nissrine Tadrhi Westside School
Stella Bosano Westside School
Amanda Torres Bishop Fitzgerald School
Emilia Astesiano Soler Bishop Fitzgerald School
Sofia Vallejo St Anne’s Middle School
Kate Piñer St Bernard’s Middle School
Brooke Gaiviso St Joseph’s Middle School
Eve Rodriguez St Joseph’s Middle School

Gibraltar Cultural Services would like to thank all participants, all the educational establishments and their teachers for their support.