Gibraltar Cultural Services can confirm that the Mario Finlayson National Gallery at the City Hall, the GEMA Gallery at Montagu Bastion and the Fine Arts Gallery at Casemates will close as from Monday 23rd March until further notice.

The Young Shakespeare Company performances for school children scheduled for May 2020, are cancelled.

Notwithstanding this, GCS is working on various cultural initiatives that will support the community in terms of entertainment, education and information. These include:

Creating a virtual reality tour of the Mario Finlayson Gallery, with details of artists and artworks

 Posting unseen footage, photos and interviews of artists and exhibitions at GEMA and the Fine Arts Gallery, on the Art in Gibraltar Facebook and GCS social media portals

Cultural programming with shows, performances and other educational initiatives will be streamed on cultural websites and social media, either live or pre-recorded. GCS is working alongside GAMPA and other cultural entities to work on an entertainment programme.

 Plans for storytelling sessions are underway: these will be recorded and posted on GCS social media portals.
GCS will be donating and dropping off books at all elderly resident estates including Albert Risso House, Charles Bruzon House, Sea Master Lodge and Bishop Canilla House.

More details will be announced shortly.

Minister for Culture John Cortes commented, “Cultural Services is finding a way to take Gibraltar Culture into the home, ensuring that we keep in touch with who we are through all those hours when many of us, especially the elderly, will be at home. The performing arts community, which plays such a big part in Gibraltar’s cultural life, will continue to do so in this way, while at the same time our art collections will be accessible to all. No one is going to stop Gibraltar, not even a virus.”

For further information please contact Gibraltar Cultural Services on 20075669, 20067236, 202079750 or email: