Fitness Gallery


No: 601/2017

Date: 10th October 2017

Cultural Development - Fitness Gallery

Gibraltar Cultural Services on behalf of the Ministry of Culture, as part of its cultural development programme, launched this past weekend, a ‘Fitness Gallery’ initiative, working alongside personal trainer Kezia Lopez. The event took place at the Gibraltar Exhibition of Modern Art (GEMA), Montagu Bastion in Line Wall Road, on Saturday 7th October 2017.

The idea was to bring together fitness and art in the same space, in the same vein as similar events happening in cities across the world, such as recently seen at the New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art.

The event saw GCS heritage art experts giving presentations before the fitness class led by Kezia. The event also featured fitness, nutrition and beauty pop ups. The session was very well attended and an enjoyable and informative morning was appreciated by all. GCS looks forward to providing more Fitness Gallery platforms in the future.