GCS Development Scholarship, Gibraltar Festival of Young Musician


Three young people, members of GAMPA, have been selected as candidates for the GCS Development Scholarship Award, linked to the Gibraltar Festival of Young Musicians, GFYM. The award will be presented officially as part of the GFYM, and will run annually, with the first one in 2020.

This award an initiative by Gibraltar Cultural Services on behalf of the Ministry of Culture, and in collaboration with GAMPA, aims to recognise an individual who shows leadership skills, is a natural innovator, helps their peers and supports and helps the Academy with events and activities, among other qualities. This young person will no doubt be an inspiration and valuable member of the Academy.

Danielle Fernandez, Aryan Dhanwani, and Celine Azopardi have been selected this year. The three, will be required to prepare a presentation for GCS, (this in itself an exercise in personal growth and development). The successful candidate, the recipient of the scholarship, will be eligible to a year’s worth of one to one tuition at the Academy. The winner will be announced at the GFYM Gala night.
We believe in investing in skills that will benefit the community when it comes to the arts. With talent, achievement and potential already recognised in the variety of awards in the Festival, we thought it was right to also reward other valuable skills. 

More details on the three candidates;
Danielle Fernandez:  Danielle is described as a forward thinker who is always eager to learn and help out in any situation.  She is a great team player and has always demonstrated leadership qualities.  She is well respected amongst her peers and pushes herself to reach her full potential both as a student and in her personal life.

Aryan Dhanwani:  Aryan is described as an individual who is always striving to improve.  He is well mannered and a pleasure to have in any situation.  He is very giving of his time and skill-set and eager to improve and try new things.  He is helpful and has a positive outlook.  

Celine Azopardi:  Celine is a loyal student who is always the first person to offer support, be it emotional or physical.  She is a team player who is always there to help her peers in whatever she can.  She understands her limitations and strives to improve.  She is a great asset to any class as she has a positive attitude and hardworking energy that inspires those around her to be the best that they can be.  She is the person who will get her colleagues to work harder and make the best of their time.

In the photo; (from right to left)
CEO of GCS Seamus Byrne, GCS Cultural Development Officer Davina Barbara, Danielle Fernandez, GAMPA Director Christian Santos, Celine Azopardi and Aryan Dhanwani