Gibraltar Fair Easy Access Pass






The Gibraltar Fair starts this weekend.

The Ministry of Equality would like to remind the general public of the launch of the Easy Access Pass for people with disabilities, to be used at this year’s Gibraltar fair.

The deadline to submit applications for this pass was Thursday 10th July. This initiative has been well received by the public, especially by parents of children who have a disability. However, while a lot of application forms have been collected from the Ministry for Equality, some have not been submitted for process by the deadline. The Ministry has therefore decided to extend the deadline to Thursday 17th August. Application forms for anyone who has not yet collected them may do so be collected from the Ministry of Equality office at 14 Governor’s Parade or request by email on

The Easy Access Pass forms part of a new initiative launched by the Minister of Equality, the Hon. Samantha Sacramento MP. The aim of the initiative is to make the Gibraltar Fair experience more inclusive for people with disabilities. The pass will be applicable in two different ways:

At attractions where there is a requirement to queue, pass holders will, upon reaching the front of the queue, have to present their pass to the attraction greeter (feriante). The attraction greeter will then secure a seat on the ride for the pass holder.

At attractions where there is no designated queue line, pass holders will need to present their pass to the attraction greeter at the ticket box when purchasing a ticket. The attraction greeter will then secure a seat on the ride for the pass holder.

 Applicants should note that not all rides may be suitable for all visitors as each has strict operating requirements based on the containment of the ride, the force of the ride and the evacuation proce-dure. Attraction greeters have to follow all rules and restrictions for health and safety reasons. Con-sequently, attraction greeters may refuse admission to a ride if they feel that the safety of a visitor or the safety of others may be at risk.

 In addition to the pass, sensory adaptations will be available every day for the first two hours of the fair, that is 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm, during which period lights will be switched off and sound will be

minimised. These will be particularly beneficial to persons who have conditions which may be trig-gered by loud noises or bright/strobing lights.

 For more information on the initiative or to apply for a pass, please call 20070112 or e-mail