Gibraltar Fair - Opening



23rd to 31st AUGUST 2019

The Minister for Culture, the Hon Steven Linares accompanied by Miss Gibraltar Celine Bolanos, will officially inaugurate the Gibraltar Fair on Friday 23rd August at 7pm. The Minister will also be accompanied by the organising team from the SDGG and Gibraltar Cultural Services (GCS). The Fair will be held at the Rooke site in Queensway.

At the Fair, a varied range of rides for different age groups will be provided. All rides are priced at £2. Additionally, there will also be tombolas, games and other side stalls including those being put up by local charitable and sporting organisations.

Insofar as eating and drinking outlets are concerned, there will be various catering facilities at the fairground itself and one further outlet at the Family Pavilion. The Churros stall that proved so popular in past years will again be set up next to the Family Pavilion.

The other element of the Fair is the entertainment dimension. A full programme of daily events has been prepared for the Family Pavilion. The Family Pavilion is being organised by Europa FC. Admission to the Pavilion will be free of charge on all nights.