GibTalks 2019 - Speakers Announcement


Gibraltar Cultural Services, working alongside playwright, actor, director, and teacher, Julian Felice, will be holding the GibTalks event on Saturday 2nd February 2019 at the John Mackintosh Hall. The idea is styled on the very successful TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) series of talks (, GibTalks will see a range of local speakers deliver fifteen-minute talks on a broad spectrum of subjects with the aim of focusing on the anecdotal, the personal, and the light-hearted as opposed to heavy-going academics and agendas.


The organisers are pleased to announce the following speakers who will represent a cross-section of the community and will help to make up a rich and varied programme:


Dr Joseph Garcia

Keith Azzopardi

Sonia Golt

Nathan Payas

Jackie Anderson

Tommy Finlayson

Stephen Whatley

Stanley Flower

Steven Walker

Pro-Life Movement – Claire Bensadon

Pro-Choice Movement – Rosalina Oliva

Monica Ritchie

Lindsey Weston


In addition to the invited guest speakers, four ten-minute slots have also been allocated to members of the public who will have the opportunity to speak to the audience about an issue close to their hearts. The individuals are:


Noemi Jimenez

Nicole Stein-Jezulin

Tamsin Suarez

Stuart Byrne


Tickets for the event will be on sale as from Tuesday 8th January 2019 from the John Mackintosh Hall reception and online on Tickets are priced at £5. Tickets will enable ticket-holders to pop in and out of the event as they please, during the course of the day.


GibTalks has a Facebook event page and a Twitter account (@gib_talks). For further information please contact the Events Department on 20067236 or email: