Highly Commended Poem


Autumn Poetry Competition 2019

Highly Commended Poem

Lucy Constant for 'I am Gibraltar'

I am the Rock.

I am the past and the future. I am the present

I am a Neanderthal. I am a Llanita.

I am British. I am an evacuee.

I am Catalan Bay on a sunny day.

I am strong. I am creative.

I am the Youth. I am Mount Alvernia.

I am japonesas and calentita.

I am the Med Steps and St Michael’s Cave.

I am all religions. I am family.

I am the lawyers and the gaming companies.

I am the workers from La Linea.

I am the dance acadamies and the drama groups.

I am sport. I am the guide and the scout

I am the Regimental Band.

I am the Treaty of Utrecht. I am the keys.

I am the frontier. I am the unmistakeable accent.

I am hope. I am innovative.

I am the barracks. I am the Levanter.

I am the foghorns on a misty day.

I am Miss World. I am the reclaimed land.

I am Inces Hall and La Bateria.

I am National Day. I am red and white.

I am Calpe House. I am the Humphreys.

I am the sun on your face.

I am the Alameda. I am the apes up the Rock.

I am Portrait Artist of the Year. I am the sound of the waves.

I am Our Lady of Europe. I am the jacaranda and the wisteria.

I am caring and compassionate. I am unique.

I am Gibraltar. This is me. 

Judge Charlie Durante's Comments:

"Lucy’s wonderful poem gives Gibraltar an affirmative, unmistakable voice.  Jingoistic poems, in the present nationalistic climate in Europe, can be offensive, but this one is pure joy.  Lucy covers almost everything we associate with Gibraltar: its topography, history, weather, language, buildings, pastimes, politics and food.  She takes undiluted delight in trumpeting all those things which are quintessentially Gibraltarian-the poem should figure in every tourist guide book to our city!  There’s a kind of naive innocence to the piece which gives it a certain freshness and vitality. The ‘caring and compassionate’ nature which closes the poem is probably the noblest boast which Lucy can make for Gibraltar-it winds up this rollicking poem and gives all the other claims weight and power.  A truly enjoyable poem."