Highly Commended Poem - School Years 7-10


Autumn Poetry Competition 2019

Highly Commended Poem for School Years 7-10

Siena May Lee for 'Alice in Brexitland'

We are Alice,

The youth; our generation to sin.

How can he finish

If he doesn’t begin?


We follow our leaders down the Brexit hole

A strange, crazy, new land.

House prices falling, falling, falling ....

Slam. Border shut- take my hand?


Choking on our traffic,

Waste piled high.

Flamenco dancing macaques,

A hundred pass by!


Poorly children, no medicine,

New passports and visas.

Main Street, a ghost town,

A rabbit with sneezes.


Drink me, eat me, but empty shelves,

We wake- is it us or a terrible dream?

‘Off with their heads’.

We silently scream.


You’re late.

Our leaders.

Late, late.

For a very important date.

Judge Charlie Durante's Comments:

"This poem combines elements from Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland and the current furore over Brexit.  The result is a jeu d’esprit, funny, clever and hugely entertaining.  We are dragged down a Brexit hole just as Alice goes down the Rabbit hole.  And we enter a crazy country:  house prices plummeting, a closed border, traffic piling up, a deserted Main Street.  Ironically, the ‘drink me, eat me’ which affects Alice’s size at the beginning of her adventure, cannot be fulfilled in this topsy-turvy world as the shelves in the shops are empty.  Our frustration and anger at the engineers, mainly politicians, of Brexit are vented in the Queen of Hearts’ ‘Off with their heads.’  This poem turns the nightmare of Brexit into an occasion for political satire and comic entertainment. Maybe the writer wants to tell us to take Brexit with a pinch of salt!"