Highly Commended Poem - School Years 7-10


Autumn Poetry Competition 2019 

Highly Commended Poem for School Years 7-10

Esther Tricker for 'Mistakes'

Not a frosted fairy cake or a picturesque pudding.


Here’s a mistake.


Burnt to a crisp with a crumbly crust,

Its pulverized pastry is basically dust,

The scorched jam turned black as night,

But for next time you know to do it right.


A portion of chips with bucketfuls of salt,

A cup of coffee that is much too sweet,

An ice-cream dropped onto the floor,

You find that there’s just more and more.


At home, in school, in the middle of the street,

With classmates and companions,

With people you meet,

There’s no escape, just accept defeat.


Isolation is useless,

You cannot outrun them,

They knock at your door and simply barge in.


“Maybe this is some greater conspiracy?

A plan made solely to overwhelm me?

To expose my flaws and simply deflate me?”


But life goes on, and so will you.


You and Mistakes will learn to accept each other

And live in perfect harmony.


Though at times they may be infuriating,

Do not let them lead you astray;


Who needs perfection anyway?