Kim-Peter Waltzer-Girda Exhibition


Kim-Peter Waltzer-Girda fell in love with Gibraltar after his first visit to the Rock.

 For the last twenty years Kim-Peter has been creating his sculptures exclusively for private collectors based in the USA, Finland, Japan and UK. Uniqueness and mystique of Gibraltar influenced the artist’s decision to show his masterpieces on the Rock. He dedicates this exhibition to the Monarchy, Her Majesty The Queen and to people of Gibraltar. 

His works are unique and versatile and inspired by nature and spirituality. His bronze and crystal sculptures with rich shapes and colours have a strong connection with nature and subconsciousness. Waltzer has created and developed his own unique method of making the crystal sculptures that cannot be replicated anywhere else. 

His works have been displayed in Finland and Japan and acquired by many international collectors. 

His Excellency The Governor of Gibraltar will officially open the exhibition on February 25th and it will be opened for general public from February 26th until March 02nd 2019.