Mark Baglietto, Pilar Alecio & Christine Borge - 'Expressions'


Artists Mark Baglietto, Pilar Alecio, Christine Borge, present an artistic collaboration at the Fine Arts Gallery. The joint exhibition between these three friends features very distinct styles and mediums.


Mark Baglietto, is exhibiting over 30 artworks, describing the goal of his art “as a vital expression of self “. Colour is very much central to his paintings with bold shades and different combinations used to create at times explosions of colour. His latest collection he says, is the work of four years and as a result of the discovery of Fauvism.


For Pilar Alecio this is her first time exhibiting, and it was Mark, a former work colleague who convinced her to paint. She calls herself an “artist in evolution” who is continuing to work and thrive in the field. Her retirement from nursing now allows her more time to explore her creative outlet, something she intends to pursue.


Christine Borge credits her granddaughter for a lot of her inspiration saying she ignites a new spark in her artwork. Her watercolours focus on a series of subject matter with some dating back to the early 90’s. She says her chosen work is a mix of everything to reflect all her passions.


The exhibition is open at the Casemates Gallery until the 7th of December.