New Policy for Cultural Organisation Register



Gibraltar Cultural Services on behalf of the Ministry of Culture is reminding all cultural entities that the closing date to hand in cultural organisation forms, together with vetting certificates, is on Friday 12th May 2017.

GCS is working alongside the Ministry for Social Services, the Ministry for Youth and the Royal Gibraltar Police, have introduced a vetting process for all registered cultural organisations. The strategy is introduced as a result of the Government’s Child Protection Committee policy and procedures.

The aim of the process is to ensure that those leading cultural organisations, will keep children, young people and vulnerable adults safe in their cultural environment. At the same time, the key persons involved, whether it is coaching, leading, or assisting with children and vulnerable adult activities, will need to be able to deal with concerns, recognising signs of abuse, safeguarding practices, amongst others.

This process will now be a requirement for all such cultural organisations, in order to continue to be part of the cultural register as well as to be able to use cultural facilities and receive cultural funding.

For further information please contact Gibraltar Cultural Services Administration Department on telephone 20067236 or email: