Poetry Workshop


A Gibraltar Writers poetry workshop will be hosted by Giordano Durante on Tuesday 6th November at 6:30pm at the John Mackintosh Hall.

Writers are encouraged to bring along any completed poems or works in progress for constructive feedback. Giordano will also share writing tips to help aspiring poets who wish to improve their existing work or branch off in new, more experimental directions.

Giordano said: “This workshop builds on a similar event held last year where I shared some tips that I had found useful when preparing my poems for publication. I’ll also be examining any poems brought to the event in a bid to help poets say what they genuinely want to say in their own voice. Poetry, both reading it and writing it, is a great source of pleasure - I hope this workshop will inspire anyone who writes poetry to improve their craft.”

For more information, email: giordanodurante@hotmail.com