Press Release - Gibraltar Fair 2018 - SDGG Thanks


5th September 


 The Self Determination for Gibraltar Group (SDGG) would like to thank all the residents of Mid Town Estate, Edinburgh Estate, Queensway, Line Wall Road and the surroundings areas for putting up with the noise levels at the fairground for nine days. 

 Fortunato Azzopardi of the SDGG said, ‘We thank everyone who lives in the vicinity of the fairground because we understand the disruption and inconvenience the noise levels can cause throughout the festivities. 

 We have not received many complaints and this is because the residents of these areas have been extremely supportive and understanding. We hope that when a new location is identified for 2019 Gibraltar Fair, the residents of the area will welcome the event in the true spirit that it represents.’ 

 The SDGG also takes this opportunity to thank Gibraltar Cultural Services, all Government Departments and sub-contractors who have made this year’s Fair a resounding success.