Reopening of the John Mackintosh Hall Library


Reopening of the John Mackintosh Hall Library

In keeping with measures to Unlock the Rock, and on behalf of the Ministry of Culture, Gibraltar Cultural Services can confirm that the John Mackintosh Hall facility will be reopen as from Tuesday 26th May solely for the Public Library and for the Library Café, the latter for takeaway only.

The John Mackintosh Hall Public Library will aim to exclusively focus the opening on the lending of books. The Reference section will be closed, and use of computers and related services, reading of newspapers etc. will not be accessible. This all with a view to reducing contact and exposure of users.

Opening times for the Library will be 10am to 2pm by appointment only, and this can be arranged by calling GCS on 20075669. Access to the Library will be restricted to 5 people every 15 minutes. A no-appointment, no-access policy will strictly apply.

Members of the public are encouraged to view books online and try and make their selections before they come into the facility. This can be done on

GCS staff will attempt to pick these books out prior to their arrival to the Library, or on arrival. In addition, a great selection of new books and popular authors have been prepared to help you choose  your next read at the Library.

GCS will continue working within the building behind closed doors. The public will be able to contact GCS between 9am and 3pm, Monday to Friday on telephone 200 75669 or at the John Mackintosh Hall reception.

1.    Loaning of Books 
The Loaning of books will continue with the following procedures in place upon return.

a.  Books are to be returned and placed in a book bin 

b.  The book bin will be handled by GCS staff in a controlled environment after 24 hours

2.    Integrating Returns to the Main Library
a.  All returned book returns will be kept separate from the rest of the lending collection and handled 
     by GCS staff wearing gloves and mask. 

b.  GCS staff will sanitise covers with an antiviral wipe as an added measure