Runner Up Poem - School Years 3-6


Autumn Poetry Competition 2019

Runner Up Poem for School Years 3-6

Darcey Marie Evans for 'If I Take One Step' 

If I take one step

and look at the night sky

I can see the beautiful moon

up high


If I take one step

and smile at a friend

then the fun

will never end


If I take one step

And hug my mum

she will be as happy

as anyone


If I take one step

and I am kind

other people’s hearts

I will find


If I take one step

and someone is sad

I can play with them

and make them glad


If I take one step

and hold your hand

then together

we will stand


If I take one step

one at a time

a difference I will make

with this rhyme

Judge Charlie Durante's Comments:

It's always heartening to read a poem which is generous in feeling and empathetic.  Taking a mere step can make all the difference to others: smiling at a friend, hugging your mum, being kind, holding someone’s hand.  These almost trivial actions can have untold consequences.  They can make others glad, spread happiness, and express solidarity.  Darcy’s poem has a rhyming second and fourth line in every stanza which is both pleasant and comforting.  The last verse acknowledges the power of poetry: poetry does make a difference, though it may be impossible to quantify.  It’s a real pleasure to read this poem.