Runner Up Poem - School Years 7-10


Autumn Poetry Competition 2019

Runner Up for School Years 7-10

Angelica Jane Bosco for 'Autumn's Eve'

I close my eyes to savour the scent of the sea

All the better to feel its breeze caressing my face.

It is freshening as it gathers pace.

A chilly westerly is brewing.


The caress is not unlike that of a loving person

It is soft, gentle and re-assuring.

It brings fond memories with it.

It brings a smile to my face.


The cool breeze waltzes through the boughs of a nearby sycamore tree

And its maple-like leaves dance to it.

They are golden brown now

And some float lazily to the ground.


Soon where I stand now will boast a carpet of its own

Of golden brown sycamore leaves

They will be thick under my feet.

They will crackle under my weight.


But I must go now, it is getting cold.

The sun is already setting.

I can clearly follow its slow dipping passage

It is sinking behind the mauve mountains beyond the Bay.


As it does so I think of those past September morns

Autumns that brought so much happiness to my life.

And now as the sun disappears behind the hills

I cherish those thoughts in the beauty of an autumn’s eve. 

Judge Charlie Durante's Comments:

Autumn is a time for quiet meditation after the torrid heat and violent passions of the summer.  This poem falls into this category.  The freshening breeze, Shelley’s west wind, is blowing and wending its way among the boughs, making the leaves dance and twirl.  The shedding of autumn leaves has, from time immemorial, been understood as an image of the numberless dead and used by poets as distinct as Dante and Milton.  Here, though, death is not mentioned; instead, there is a hint of parting and an awareness of forbidding coolness: ‘But I must go now, it is getting cold.’ Likewise, the sun goes west, ‘behind the hills,’ a premonition of the end of the day and, maybe, life.  In spite of these hidden references to final dissolution, the poem is optimistic and invites us to enjoy the singular beauty of an autumn evening.  Poignant and inspiring.