Spring Visual Arts Opening




The Gibraltar Spring Visual Arts Exhibition organised by Gibraltar Cultural Services on behalf of the Ministry of Culture, is being held at the John Mackintosh Hall from 17th June to 23rd June. The Hon Paul Balban, Minister for Traffic officially opened the Exhibition and presented the prizes on Tuesday 16th June 2015.

A total of one hundred and twenty five entries by eighty-one local artists have been submitted. International artist Marta de Pablos carried out the judging in the painting, sculpture and photographic categories whilst Alessandro Castiglioni curator from the Little Constellation organisation carried out the judging for the video and installation categories.

The Prize winners are:

The Ministry of Culture Award - £2000          Chris-Anne Alcantara ‘El Artista’

Installation Award - £1000                              Shane Dalmedo          ‘The Whole Story’

Sculpture Award - £750                                  Ermelinda Duarte        ‘Cannon No 2 (teapot)’

Photograph Award - £750                               Veronika Francis         ‘Our Environment in Turquoise’

Video Category  -£750                                   Ambrose Avellano      ‘Finishing Touches’

Best Gibraltar Theme            

The Alwani Foundation Award  -£750             Paul Cosquieri           ‘A Journey of a 1000 Miles-Step 4’

The following received ‘Highly Commended’ Certificates:

Ambrose Avellano                  ‘Gino Sanguinetti-Forgiven’

Derek Duarte                           ‘I Never Worry About Action, But Only Inaction’

Anselmo Torres                      ‘White Sails In The Sunset’

Leslie Gaduzo                         ‘Waterport Road’

Gabriella Martinez                   ‘Identity’

Veronika Francis                     ‘Our Environment in Royal Blue’

Benjamin Hassan                    ‘Lalli’

Isabella Linares                       ‘Familiar Stranger’

Karl Ullger                               ‘The Preparation’