Street Art Murals




15th November 2017

                                                                                                                                                   STREET ART MURALS

Gibraltar Cultural Services, on behalf of the Ministry of the Environment, Energy, Climate Change & Education and the Ministry of Culture, the Media, Youth & Sport invites applications for the creation of street art murals at the following locations:

-         Fountain Ramp

-         The Tunnel by Irish Town and Chatham Counterguard

-         The Tunnel leading to the Alameda Gardens

-         Europort Avenue to promote the Natwest International Island Games, Gibraltar 2019

-         Ragged Staff Magazine

Further details, conditions of applications and supporting documents may be obtained from:

Gibraltar Cultural Services

308 Main Street,


Tel: 20067236


Completed applications clearly marked ‘Application for STREET ART MURALS’ should be sent to the Events Department, Gibraltar Cultural Services, 308 Main Street, NOT LATER THAN THURSDAY 21ST DECEMBER 2017.

Applications received after the above date will NOT be considered.

The Board does not bind itself to accept any application, or may accept any application in part.