Winning Poem - School Years 3-6


Autumn Poetry Competition 2019

Winning Poem for School Years 3-6

Aiden Barbara for 'The Hunt'

The alpha wolf spotted his prey,

The pack gathered around,

The antelope stood still

In the dark of the night.


They needed to act,

The attack began!


Sharp teeth pointing out, muscles pumped out,

The pack was running, dodging the trees.




Working as a team,

The antelope froze and tried to escape.

It was too late.


Strong jaws attacked, there were too many,

A feast for the fearless pack,

Achieving what they needed,

A successful hunt.

Judge Charlie Durante's Comments:

"This poem portrays a nature ‘red in tooth and claw.’  The alpha wolf leads the pack into a fierce onslaught on a defenceless antelope.  We feel for the antelope: ‘the antelope froze and tried to escape,’ but we realize it’s the law of the jungle that prevails, ‘eat or be eaten.’  The language conveys the viciousness of the attack: ‘sharp teeth pointing out, muscles pumped out.’-there’s no escape for the poor antelope.  What we see as a merciless tearing of flesh, is celebrated as a ‘feast’ by the pack, a sharing of food, essential for survival and bonding.  Aiden has written a succinct account of wolves hunting their prey, following their instinct.  Those of us who have watched the enthralling animal series Serengeti, will know exactly what Aiden had in mind.   Well done!"