Inces Hall Theatre

Location: Unit 1 312 Main Street Gibraltar

Capacity: 302 (seated)

Disabled Access: None

Facilities: Air Conditioning
Back Projector & screen
Stage platforms
Sound & Light Control Room

Opening Hours: Available all day

Contact Details:
Gibraltar Cultural Services Ltd
Facilities Department
John Mackintosh Hall
308 Main Street

Tel: 200 75669
Fax:200 40843

Deposit: £ 250.00
Rehearsals: £ 25.00
Dress Rehearsals: £ 75.00
Performance: £ 100.00/£300.00

History of the Inces Hall Theatre

During the Spanish occupation period, according to the historian Portillo, this area was a cultivated field known as 'La Huerta de Cebreros', having a series of single storey houses facing the principal street, then known as 'La Calle del Muro'. In 1727, soon after the start of the British occupation of the Rock, the siege of that year effectively destroyed many of the buildings in the Villavieja and Barcina districts in the northern part of Gibraltar, due to incessant Spanish bombardment and it was necessary for many of the military storerooms and ancillary buildings to be transferred to the southern part of the City. In 1742, during the Governorship of Lt. General William Hargrave, the south wing of this two storey building was constructed for use as the Garrison Armoury, capable of storing 10,000 stands of arms. This very strong edifice was designed in the Ordnance style of Georgian England, as found in some of the works of Sir John Vanbrough. In the 1760s, the northern wing was constructed following the same plan and similar architecture of the southern edifice. Finally, in 1793/94, the building to the west was built which effectively linked up the other two buildings and thus formed the present rectangular courtyard. The building has had diverse uses, having been converted for use in 1876 as the Garrison Recreation Rooms, providing club-like facilities for other ranks and their families. In 1945, the southern wing was converted into the Garrison Theatre with seating for 320- doubling up as a cinema- for the troops stationed in Gibraltar. Over the years, parts of these buildings have been used as a NAAFI shop, clubs, schools, government departments, a restaurant and a nightclub. It now houses the Gibraltar bank, whilst continuing to function, as the Ince's Hall Theatre. These important buildings, with their long and chequered past continue to form an intrinsic and valuable working part of Gibraltar's history and heritage.