Busto de Gitana Image
Gustavo Bacarisas

Busto de Gitana

c. 1919

Bronze Bust Sculpture

Bacarisas is a man of many artistic talents and worked with different mediums. We are perhaps more accustomed to seeing his gouache artworks, but he also produced some sculpture. This bronze bust created in 1919 portrays a young woman. We can see the influence of both Auguste Rodin and Aristide Maillol. The artist would have been familiar with works by these artists from his travels to Paris. Rodin is perhaps most famous for ‘The Thinker’ and has been coined ‘the founder of modern sculpture’. Bacarisas may have also taken some influence from Catalan Noucentisme, a cultural movement in the early 20th century, a derivative of the French ‘Art Nouveau’.

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