Sailors at a Bar ‘Royal Bar’ Image
Jacobo Azagury

Sailors at a Bar ‘Royal Bar’

Charcoal and Pencil on Paper

This is an example of one of the many hundreds of drawings sketched by Azagury depicting one of his popular haunts in Gibraltar … like the Royal Bar and the Petit Bar (now the Horseshoe Bar, on Main Street). Azagury enjoyed producing quick rapid sketches of his subject matter, in this instance Navy personnel visiting the Rock, what would have been a a common sight then. Always the invisible observer he captures the characters with loose, informal strokes of blue and black pencil and charcoal. Quick dabs of orange can be seen in the background to highlight objects and add a reflective quality. The artist records a particular moment in time, effectively highlighting the individual facial features of the sailors, their uniforms, and the general relaxed atmosphere of the scene.

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