Tapestry Woman with White Dress & Bouquet Image
Gustavo Bacarisas

Tapestry Woman with White Dress & Bouquet

c. 1980

Oil on Canvas

Considered one of the most important works by Gustavo Bacarisas that we have in the collection. Thought to be painted early in his career in Rome, circa 1890. The painting demonstrates stylistic links to work that was being done in Rome at the time before the popularity of Impressionism. This can be seen especially in the brushwork of the dress and the flowers. If the painting was carried out at the time we believe, the style is very mature for Bacarisas who would have been in his 20s. An interesting detail is the bright blue brooch she wears in her hair which draws the observer’s focus to her eyes and face. This artwork hung for many years in the Casino Calpe in Gibraltar, Gibraltar’s oldest civilian club. It was acquired for the Government's Art Collection in 2020.

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