The annual Poetry Competition, organised by Gibraltar Cultural Services (GCS) and the Gibraltar Chronicle, attracted a total of 230 entries.

The awards were presented by GCS’ Chief Executive Officer, Mr Seamus Byrne, on Tuesday 7th November 2023 at 4.30pm at BookGem.

The winners are as follows:

Overall Winner: Claire Barwood – “The Rhyme of the Modern Mariner”


Adult Winner: Eduard Tara – “The end and the beginning of the journey (modern haiku sequence)”

Runner Up: Mike Nicholls – “The Journey…”

Highly Commended: Gabriel Moreno – “My mother’s hands”

Highly Commended: James McNally – “The Octopus”


Best Spanish Poem: Daniel Francis Brancato – “A Caballo por el campo”

Runner Up: Mark Montovio – “Oye mi canto”

Highly Commended: Levi Josef Attias – “Pedagogia en alas”

Highly Commended: Colin Golt – “La balada del café”


Best Llanito Poem: Dale Buttigieg – “Se tá perdiendo”

Runner Up: Susan Cabezutto – “Vámono Pa Little Bay!”

Highly Commended: Isabella Villa – “School life as a Llanito”


School Years 11 – 13

Winner: Eva De Vincenzi – “The Girl from Judea”

Runner Up: Chava Bayles – “Chess”

Highly Commended: Shanaya Marie Sheriff – “A Tapestry of Golden Moments”


School Years 8 – 10

Winner: Miriam Natasha Ramagge – “The Missing Charm”

Runner Up: Maiah Mifsud – “Life”


School Years 6 – 7

Winner: Krishaa Lakhiani – “Echoes of the Wilderness”

Runner Up: Adam Zbigniew Viñales – “What has happened to Wendy?”

Highly Commended: Lilly Alfred – “The Tale of the Proud Robin Redbreast”

Highly Commended: Maleah Marie Akuma – “The Quarry”


School Years 4 – 5

Winner: Ashton John Lewis – “Mischievous Max”

Runner Up: Harriet Caulfield – “The lonely kid in my street”

Highly Commended: Oliver Gear – “Helicopter”

Highly Commended: Max Jose Correia – “September”

The competition was sponsored by The Gibraltar Chronicle, who kindly donated a 3-month online subscription to the Overall Winner, as well as vouchers and pens for the winners of the school categories.

All winning entries will be published in the Gibraltar Chronicle and on