‘Being With Trees’


Gibraltar Cultural Services on behalf of the Ministry of Culture is joining forces with Lloyds Art Group to feature the exhibition BEING WITH TREES, a contemporary response to trees by artists who live in urban and rural environments. This show which will be held at the Gustavo Bacarisas Gallery celebrates the groups’ shared love of trees and the vital role they can play in our lives, in terms of our well-being, identity and sociability, and our understanding of ecology and climatic change. The Exhibition will take place from the Tuesday 19th January to Friday 12th March 2021.

These painters and printmakers are associated with several contemporary organisations: Lloyds Art Group, a collective of fine artists who work in Lloyds of London or the London insurance market, and for this reason mainly but not exclusively come from London and the Home Counties. The exhibition features work by the internationally acclaimed group of artists The Arborealists, and the Urban Contemporaries, a fluid group of figurative painters aiming to explore different approaches to the concept of contemporary communities in urban environments. These groups includes artists from the South West, South East, Yorkshire, London, Wales, France and Ireland.

Diverse themes and issues will be explored to include street architecture; urban decoration; ecological beneficence; wildlife habitat; the mythical; the allegorical; the symbolic; and our psychological equilibrium and well-being.

Minister for Culture and the Environment, John Cortes, commented, “The fusion of Trees and Art is fascinating, and so logical. Both have a vital part to play in our wellbeing and in our character as a community. I am very happy to promote more trees and more Art, and am hugely looking forward to this exhibition”.

For further information please contact Gibraltar Cultural Services on or 200 79750