Book Council meet Cambridge Professor


The Gibraltar National Book Council recently met with Professor Laura Wright from the University of Cambridge to discuss the possibility of future collaborations, between Gibraltar and the established research institution.

Professor Wright is a historical sociolinguistic and a publisher in historical codeswitching. She is currently working on an article for the Journal of Historical Sociolinguistics, entitled ‘Gibraltar’s bilingual street names as evidence of the Western Mediterranean spatial practice of eighteenth-century civilian fort-servicers’.

As part of the meeting, Professor Wright gave a presentation on derivation and proportion of language in relation to Gibraltar’s unique product. A proposal for a Llanito Project was also discussed. The project would focus on the validation of the Llanito language as part of our cultural heritage and ensuring it’s spoken, through the academic route and at home.

Gibraltar Cultural Services and the GNBC are also planning on behalf of the Ministry of Culture, a symposium on Gibraltar language and literature to be held at the University of Cambridge in September.