Civil Status and Registration Office relocates Marriage Venue to City Hall as from Friday 15th December


The Civil Status and Registration Office (CSRO) is pleased to announce a significant milestone in enhancing its services by relocating the venue for marriages to the prestigious City Hall as from this Friday. This strategic move aims to provide a more professional and iconic setting for couples entering the union of matrimony.

The new venue, within the historic City Hall, offers a picturesque and culturally-rich backdrop for weddings, aligning with the CSRO’s commitment to delivering exceptional service and memorable experiences for its clients. The decision to relocate is part of the Ministry for Culture and Tourism and the CSRO’s broader efforts to modernise and elevate the quality of services, which includes plans for future facilities at the Mount.

The administrative office for marriages will remain at Joshua Hassan House.

The Government invites residents and visitors alike to explore the enhanced marriage registry services at the new City Hall location, further solidifying Gibraltar’s reputation as a premier destination for weddings.

The Acting Head of the Civil Status and Registration Department, Karl Triay, said: “We are excited to bring marriages to the City Hall, a location that befits the significance of the occasions we celebrate. This move reflects our commitment to ensuring that every aspect of the marriage registration process is conducted in an environment that is both dignified and memorable. We look forward to welcoming couples to the new, beautifully-appointed space and continuing to be part of their special day.”

The Minister for Tourism and Culture, the Hon Christian Santos, stated: “This relocation enhances Gibraltar’s appeal as a premier destination for weddings. The historic significance of City Hall will undoubtedly contribute to making Gibraltar a sought-after location for couples seeking a distinctive and memorable wedding experience.”

The Chief Minister, the Hon Fabian Picardo, expressed his total support for this development, stating: “The move of marriages to the City Hall is a testament to Gibraltar’s commitment to providing unparalleled services to its residents. City Hall, with its rich history and timeless architecture, will undoubtedly add a touch of elegance to the marriages celebrated within its walls. This relocation underscores our dedication to creating meaningful and unforgettable experiences for couples choosing Gibraltar as their wedding destination.”