Clubhouse Gibraltar Training Course


Gibraltar Cultural Services staff attended an ‘Introduction to Mental Health’ course delivered by Clubhouse Gibraltar. Trainers Mary-Anne Nacimiento and Glen Simpson covered a range of sensitive issues which impact and concern the whole of the community, with the overriding message that “there is no health without mental health”.

Attendees received an overview on various diagnosable mental health conditions, risk factors, how to recognise signs and symptoms, and coping mechanisms to use when feeling anxious or stressed.

GCS staff members learnt about the invaluable work Clubhouse undertakes in Gibraltar, with the Charity working alongside members to help them on their journey of recovery and back into the workplace and society. Staff gleaned an awareness of the value of good mental health in all aspects of life, including in the workplace, and the importance of talking openly about these issues.

GCS recognises the value of these type of courses and is committed to investing in these initiatives. The course was well received by all attending, who were impressed by how engaging and interactive the session was.