Gibraltar Cultural Soiree Celebrates Identity and Creative Expression


Gibraltar Cultural Soiree Celebrates Identity and Creative Expression
The Cultural Soiree organised by Gibraltar Cultural Services on behalf of the Ministry for Culture together with Cultural Ambassador Gabriel Moreno served to celebrate Gibraltarian identity and creative talent. The event which brought together performers and other creatives living in the UK offered a unique and varied night of Gibraltarian flair and flavour. From Gabriel’s musical tracks with his folk band, ‘The Quivering Poets’ to Jonathan Teuma’s theatrical satirical poetry and Hollie Buhagiar’s mesmerising vocal performance, the show highlighted the distinctive voices that Gibraltarians have when it comes to creative expression. Also Featuring Jonathan Pizarro, Dani Orcese, Jesse Mclaren, Mark Montegriffo, Michele Attias, and content by Giordano Durante and Mark Sanchez the latter who sent a message highlighting the importance ofthe arts in defining and disseminating a cultural identity.

Hosted at Tower Theatre London, the venue provided an intimate stage for the occasion, with the event attracting with an engaging and supportive audience.

Addressing the audience, Minister for Culture The Hon. Prof. John Cortes said there was a lot of value in making this special event in London an annual one, whilst also taking it to the Rock to be enjoyed by the community there.

He added: “Our Identify is our Culture, it is the essence of our community, the expression of our passion, the core of our Identity. This is what makes us who we are. We have talent to share, we have songs to sing, we have stories to tell. Today London, tomorrow the world because we are who we are, because the fight for our identity is over, AND WE’VE WON!”