Gibraltar Literature Week 2023 – School Authors & Interviewers


As part of the varied programme of Gibraltar Literature Week 2023, schools will also be treated to visits, talks and storytelling sessions for all school ages.

Robert Santos and Clive Beltran return this year dipping into Gibraltar’s past, our changing urban landscape and customs and traditions. Mother and daughter writer and illustrator team, Amanda Simmons and Phoebe Noble will entertain the younger cohort with a book focusing
on Gibraltar and a character that tries to overcome their struggle to fit in. Susan Cabezutto will share a message of hope to older pupils talking about people living with mental health issues. The value of reading and writing will be discussed by Sonia Golt & Audrey Alecio sharing their varied writing experiences. Levi Attias will appeal to the younger pupils with his ventriloquist puppet storytelling, as well as offering a talk on goal placement and time management for the older students. Gabriel Moreno returns to put Llanito in the spotlight, offering a session where students can discover their own Gibraltarian literary voices.

We would also like to thank the ‘An Audience With…’ interviewers who will be in conversation with the featured authors. Former GBC News Editor Stephen Neish will be speaking to Her Worship the Mayor, Carmen Gomez providing insights into what drives and motivates her as a writer. Davina Barbara will delve into the benefits of reading and writing with Sonia Golt and how poetry is good for our health. Alice Mascarenhas who has supported the event from its inception, will be interviewing Richard Garcia on how he was attracted to Gibraltar’s social
history in the first place and how he has been telling the story of Gibraltar. The Broadcast Journalist will also be joining Jonathan Pizarro to discuss how he tells Gibraltar Stories. Broadcast Journalist Clive Golt will be sharing the paparazzi experiences of his colleague Juan Carlos Teuma in a candid book that tells the story behind the photo. Broadcast Journalist, Jonathan Sacramento will be interviewing his colleague Ros Astengo on the challenges of writing and investigating a true – crime story. Louis Emmitt Stern will be sharing the set with GBC’s CEO James Neish as they delve into the demands of writing for performance. And Marlene Dalli from the Equality Ministry will speak to the Heritage Trust’s Claire Montado & illustrator Bea Garcia on the Women of Gibraltar, Forgotten Narratives publication.

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