The Gibraltar International Art Exhibition organised by Gibraltar Cultural Services, on behalf of the Ministry of Culture is being held at the Gustavo Bacarisas Gallery. Artists from Gibraltar, Republic of Ireland, Spain and UK submitted a total of one hundred and fifty-nine works.

The Minister for Environment, Sustainability, Climate Change, Heritage and Culture, The Hon Prof. John Cortes MP officially opened the Exhibition and presented the awards on Wednesday 4th November 2020. Ms Mercedes Corbacho Rodriguez, Director of the Cruz Herrera Museum in La Linea, carried out the adjudication.

The Prize winners are:

1st Prize
The Gustavo Bacarisas Prize
Fermin Garcia Villaescusa                                   ‘Vieja de la Plaza’

2nd Prize
The Jacobo Azagury Prize
Javier Plata                                                             ‘Mareorama 53’

3rd Prize
The Leni Mifsud Prize
Lucia Palma Sarmiento                                       ‘Tormenta Galáctica’

The Rudesindo Mannia Prize
Best Gibraltar Theme
Francisco Luna Galvan                                         ‘Marina II’

The Mario Finlayson Prize
Best Young Artist
Zulaika Vallance                                                    ‘History of Atypical Representation’

The following received ‘Highly Commended’ Certificates:

Ambrose Avellano                                                ‘Life Jacket’
Lorraine Buhagiar                                                ‘Mario Finlayson National Art Gallery’
Paul Francis Cosquieri                                        ‘Abstract Popism No.34’
Leslie Gaduzo                                                        ‘Library Street’ & ‘White Robe’
Juan Gomez Macias                                             ‘Interior Landscape’
Javier Machimbarrena                                        ‘Valor – Courage’
Mark Montovio                                                     ‘Apostle XI’ & Retribution’
Nathan Parody                                                      ‘Window to Our Salvation’ & ‘Clothing Expedition’
Raluca Piper                                                          ‘Urban Composition’
Aaron Soleci                                                          ‘Wild Bill and Rosetta’
Karl Ullger                                                             ‘Los Glacis’
Willa Vasquez                                                       ‘Fiesta’ & ‘Maniquins Party’
Pepe Baena Nieto                                                 ‘Romancero Gaditano’

Commenting at the Official Opening of the International Art Exhibition, the Hon Prof. John Cortes, said: “This competition provides an opportunity for artists from Gibraltar and abroad to compete and exhibit side by side. This both enriches us culturally and promotes our art outside our borders.

“I thank all the artists who have participated, and who contribute so much to developing Culture in Gibraltar. My thanks too to Gibraltar Cultural Services for their work in making this exhibition possible.

“I am very pleased to welcome Mercedes Corbacho Rodriguez, our Adjudicator, and to thank her for carrying out the difficult task of selecting the winning pieces.”

The Exhibition is now open to the public until Saturday 14th November 2020 between 10.30am and 6.30pm on weekdays and 10.30am to 1.30pm on Saturday’s. Entrance is free.