Island Games Cultural Programme – Poetry Call Out


Writers and poets in Gibraltar will be able to contribute to this year’s Guernsey Island Games cultural programme. Guernsey Arts is working with the Island Games Committee to create this cultural engagement to run alongside the Games. ‘The Pocket Island Poetry Open’, (PIPO) asks for entries of written poetry to reflect on ‘A View of my Island’. Areas of interest could include; concentrating on the beauty of the territory’s environment, social or political commentary, historic events and figures, or how their Island is special to them. Chosen poems from each participating community will be included in the Pocket Island Poetry book, to be available as a printed booklet within Guernsey for those attending the various Island Games events.

Each project is open for all Islanders of competing Islands to submit entries.

Through the projects organisers hope to build a collaborative insight across Islands, to develop cultural diplomacy and create a cultural legacy of the creative communities.

Entries are welcome in all languages with an English translation – Island languages are encouraged.

• Entries can be in any style of poetry
• Entries are limited to 24 lines and 240 words
• Entries will be judged by a panel of individuals based within Guernsey
• A minimum of one chosen poem from each Island with entries submitted  will be included in the “Pocket Island Poetry” booklet

Entries for the Pocket Island Poetry are now open until the 30th April via Pocket Island Poetry Open Guernsey Arts

For more information please contact GCS Development unit on