Kitchen re-opens at GEMA with a new exhibition


Kitchen Studios returns to GEMA Gallery at Montagu Bastion with a new exhibition featuring the work of around twenty artists. The Gallery will re-open on Wednesday 17th March with a variety of artworks on display.

Newcomers include make-up artist Nyree Chipolina with some ink art, Kaylan Escamez with graphic design work and Mark Rodriguez with a photography installation. The space has once again been transformed, with further installation works by Tina Rodriguez, a soundscape by Lizanne Figueras, and a sustainable interactive piece by Ermelinda Duarte. The artists’ inspiration is varied and includes mandala art, church bells and the use of upcycled material.

For more details and to arrange interviews with the artists you can call Gibraltar Cultural Services Development Unit on 20049161 or GEMA Gallery 20041826.