Literature Week ‘An Audience With…’


Literature Week ‘An Audience With…’

Gibraltar Cultural Services on behalf of the Ministry of Culture, will be organising Literature Week from the 9th to 13th November 2020.

Sadly, due to COVID-19, the Gibunco Gibraltar International Literary Festival has been cancelled this year. To ensure that the importance of books and literature continues to be recognised and celebrated and that Gibraltar authors have a platform in which to promote their work, GCS has produced a five-day programme. This offering will provide a variety of interactive and online events aimed at informing, educating and stimulating interest in different topics and themes.

One of the main events during the week will be ‘An Audience With…’ at the Charles Hunt Room, John Mackintosh Hall. These talks will be livestreamed on GCS social media platforms. The programme which has morning and evening sessions due to popular demand is as follows:

Monday 9th November 2020

11am – Gibraltar National Archivist Anthony Pitaluga and artist Ambrose Avellano will be interviewed by Gino Sanguinetti looking ahead to their new publication ‘Still Dancing under the Shadows’. A collaborative project, presenting important manifestations and events regarding the modern history of Gibraltar.

7:15pm – Professor Clive Finlayson and Dr Geraldine Finlayson will be interviewed by Alice Mascarenhas on their various publications on the study of human origins and the Neanderthals, and the implications of Covid-19 on their research.

Tuesday 10th November 2020

11am – Mark Montovio will be interviewed in Spanish by Sonia Golt on his publication ‘Notas de amor… con fe venezolana’, described as a love story spanning just over a decade full of hope, desire, sadness and loss.

7:15pm – Alice Mascarenhas will be interviewed by Davina Barbara on her books ‘Alice’s Table’ & ‘Elio Cruz One Man Many Talents’. The first inspired by Gibraltar’s past, local personalities and her own personal recollections, the second based on the artist and playwright following an exhibition earlier this year.

Wednesday 11th November 2020

11am – Humbert Hernandez will talk about his collection of books written in English and Spanish, and also look forward to an upcoming pictorial biography on the contributions of Cecil Gomez to the worlds of culture and education.

3pm – Dr Joseph Garcia will be interviewed by Clive Golt on his book ‘Gibraltar: The Making of a People’ which covers the political and constitutional development of the people of Gibraltar from 1940 until 1988, as well as on a collection of three books published by the Government to mark Gibraltar’s important historical anniversaries of the evacuation, the 1967 referendum and the closure of the border.

7:15pm – Dr Jennifer Ballantine Perera, Paulette Finlayson and Gino Sanguinetti come together to talk about Mario Finlayson’s work, his book ‘A Lifetime in Art’ and their experiences with the artist.

Thursday 12th November 2020

11am – Richard Garcia will focus on the different aspects of Gibraltar’s social history as reflected in his former publications and research and will in particular examine his new trilogy of books on Gibraltar’s social history in the 18th Century.

7:15pm – Dr Sam Benady and Sarah Devincenzi will be interviewed by Conchita Triay – Clarence on their book ‘A Pictorial History of Gibraltar: The first 200 million years!’ with the talk also referring to other experiences in their respective professional and personal fields.

Friday 13th November 2020

11am – Stephen Hermida, Mark Randall and Joe Celecia will be interviewed by Davina Barbara on their book ‘Himalaya’ which documents the challenges of their treks in Nepal & Everest, exploring the natural world and testing their physical limitations.

7:15pm – Roy Clinton will be interviewed by Alice Mascarenhas on his publication ‘Eliott’s Gold’, a book about General Eliott’s pursuits of prize money during the Great Siege of Gibraltar, a story about war, money and politics.

Minister for Culture, The Hon Prof Dr John Cortes MBE MP commented: “This online programme, in no way replacing the Literary Festival, is a celebration of Gibraltar Literature. It highlights the importance of books in our community and, I hope, will encourage other Gibraltarians to express themselves through this medium. Literature Week is particularly welcome in these times of restricted movement, self-isolation and lack of live entertainment, and so I encourage everyone to access the discussions online and to join in the enjoyment of books and of our increasingly rich Gibraltarian Literature. ”

A full programme of events for Literature Week will be issued shortly. For further information please visit or contact Gibraltar Cultural Services on 20075669, 20067236, 20079750 or email: