Refurbishment of Cultural Facilities


Gibraltar Cultural Services (GCS), on behalf of the Ministry for Culture, is delighted to confirm the completion of works and improvements to various cultural facilities.

Works at the Central Hall have included the installation of disabled toilet facilities, a shed for storage and a new electronic door at the entrance to the venue. Jumpers Bastion has seen resurfacing works and a new drainage system. These upgrades will provide improved accessibility
and safer flooring for its users.

The façades at the Ince’s Hall have seen a major refurbishment, under the guidance and support of the Ministry of Heritage and the Gibraltar Heritage Trust. The work entailed the installation of new guttering pipes, exposing all the existing arches, installation of doors and swift boxes, and repainting.

The Minister for Culture, The Honorable Christian Santos GMD MP said: ‘I am very grateful to my team at GCS and to the various contractors who have supported our refurbishment programme at these cultural spaces. My thanks also to the Gibraltar Heritage Trust and the Ministry of Heritage for their support and advice as well as my predecessor in Culture, Minister Cortes for starting these projects.

‘It is important for the Government to have state-of-the-art cultural facilities. We will continue to design and roll out a comprehensive programme of refurbishment to all our cultural venues, as well as creating new cultural spaces for our clubs, societies, cultural groups, musicians, and artists.’

For further information please contact Gibraltar Cultural Services Facilities Department on 20075669 or email: