Rock Retreat Gibraltar Participants


Gibraltar Cultural Services on behalf of the Ministry for Culture is pleased to announce it will be sponsoring the participation of three Gibraltarian artists for the Rock Retreat Residency next week. The initiative spearheaded by artist and illustrator Eleanor Dobbs is aimed at aspiring writers and artists, with the focus on creating work for children and young adults.

Shane Dalmedo, Monica Popham and Gabriella Chipol have been selected as the three candidates from Gibraltar that will be part of the residency. Jared Cruz who is writing a Novella as part of a GCS mentorship programme will also make the most of the opportunities presented by the event.

Thirty participants in total, some from overseas territories and other countries, will be involved in five days of masterclasses, led by experts from the world of children’s publishing. Organisers believe the children’s book industry is expanding and looking for wider representation. Gibraltar’s unique historical, geographical, and cultural identity makes it a fascinating place to create an environment for inspiration and discussion.

The Rock Retreat also includes an outreach programme, with the professionals involved working with young people of varying ages in several projects throughout the week. For more details and to follow the programme visit