Sensory Adaptations and Disability Information Card At The Fair


Gibraltar Cultural Services (GCS) and the Self Determination Group for Gibraltar (SDGG), in conjunction with the Ministry of Equality, will once again be working to make the Gibraltar Fair inclusive and sensory friendly.

These adaptations will be available throughout the entire fair period from Friday 23rd to Saturday 31st August 2024.

Sensory adaptations will be available from 7pm to 8.45pm, during which period lights will be switched off and sound minimised. This will be particularly beneficial for those with autism, photosensitive epilepsy, visual and hearing impairments.

Individuals may make use of their Disability Information Card as issued by the Ministry of Equality.
The Disability Information Card can be used as follows:

1. Disability Card holders do not need to queue so at attractions where there is a requirement to queue, cardholders may present their card to the attraction greeter. The attraction greeter will then secure a seat for the cardholder.

2. At attractions where there is no designated queue line, cardholders may present their card to the attraction greeter at the ticket box when purchasing a ticket. The attraction greeter will then secure a seat for the cardholder.

It must be noted that not all rides are suitable for all visitors as each have strict operating requirements based on the nature of the ride, including intensity and evacuation procedure. Attraction greeters must follow all rules and restrictions for health and safety reasons and will not divert from said rules if requested. Attraction greeters reserve the right to refuse admission to a ride if they feel that the safety of a user is compromised.

For any queries, please contact GCS’ Events Department via email or Tel. 20067236.

Disability Information Card is issued by the Supported Needs and Disability Office, located in Suite 955 Europort. They can be contacted via email, whatsApp +350 56002927, or call 200 42196. Forms can also be downloaded from