Short Story Competition 2022 – Results


Gibraltar Cultural Services (GCS), on behalf of the Ministry of Culture, is pleased to announce the winners of this year’s Spring Festival Short Story Competition. Organised in conjunction with the Gibraltar Chronicle, this very popular annual competition attracted a total of 456 entries across a wide age range, from school children to adults.


The Minister of Culture, The Hon Prof John Cortes presented the awards on Wednesday 15th June 2022 at a special awards ceremony held at the John Mackintosh Hall.


A panel of judges consisting of Mr Charles Durante, Ms Conchita Triay and Mrs Aida Delaney judged the competition.


The Prize Winners are:


The Ministry of Culture Award – Overall Competition Winner – £1000

Winner: Julian Felice with ‘The Voice’


Adult Category:

Winner: Camilla Sykes with ‘Ebb and Flow’

Runner-up: Yvonne Sacarello with ‘The Poem’

Highly Commended: Michele Attias with ‘The Radical Power of A Song’


Best Story in Spanish Language:

Winner: Mark Montovio with ‘El Cordon Plateado’

Runner-up: Brian Gordon with ‘El Comité’


School Years 11 to 13:

Winner: David Lester with ‘The Bored Student’ – Bayside Comprehensive School

Runner-up: Nicole Zinovev with ‘Consumption’ – Prior Park School

Highly Commended: Jack Bingham with ‘Vengeance’ – Prior Park School

Highly Commended: Zachary Raven with ‘The Nothing of Nowhere’ – Bayside Comprehensive School


School Years 8 to 10:

Winner: Phoebe Gatenby with ‘Regrets’ – Prior Park School

Runner-up: Martha Taylor with ‘The Platform’ – Prior Park School

Highly Commended: Sophie Lines with ‘The Night’s Sharp Eye’ – Bayside Comprehensive School


School Years 6 to 7:

Winner: Lea Tryb with ‘Where are you 62?’ – Bayside Comprehensive School

Runner-up: Daisy Moir with ‘The Perfect Day’ – Prior Park School


School Years 4 to 5:

Winner: Gianella Pitto with ‘Growing’ – Loreto Convent

Runner-up: Poppy Grace Down with ‘The tale of the Rabbit, the Eagle and the Dolphin’ – St Joseph’s Middle School

Highly Commended: Oscar Kaziewicz with ‘Curious Chuckles’ – Loreto Convent

GCS would like to thank the judges, the Gibraltar Chronicle and all participants for their continued support.