Silent Book Club & Writing Workshop


Gibraltar Cultural Services, on behalf of the Ministry for Culture, is pleased to announce two new events aimed at writers and literary enthusiasts. Both events will coincide with the week of World Book Day, with the aim of promoting literature, reading and writing, and opportunities for growth
and networking too.

The Silent Book Club will take place on Friday 1st of March at Bookgem, aimed at creating a community of readers and encouraging new people to take up the hobby. The event consists of a welcome introduction and an opportunity to meetlike-minded people. This will be followed by time for silent reading, with refreshments available. Readers are encouraged to come on their own or bring a friend. The event is free to attend and is part of the global Silent Book Club where over 500 regular meet ups occur in 50 countries.

A creative writing workshop by National Book Council member and teacher Melissa Bosano is on offer for Saturday 9th March at Bookgem. The session will explore narratives, plots and themes over breakfast and coffee. Participants will engage in activities to explore different viewpoints and
the art of description, with writers given some time to write their own piece. The event is open to anyone who has an interest in writing, whether just starting out or looking to develop their skills further. The workshop promises to be a relaxed occasion with a small breakfast provided to fuel
your inspiration and ideas. Tickets at £10 can be purchased via, with more details available.

Commenting on the initiatives, the Minister for Culture, Christian Santos, added: “The Silent Book Club is a great concept to allow like-minded people to enjoy literature as part of a community. This and the workshop led by Melissa Bosano are part of my ongoing commitment to give writers of all
levels avenues to learn, communicate and explore ideas and skills. These will give authors the opportunity to come together, share their views and hone their craft. I am sure those taking part in both initiatives will enjoy the occasions and take away the inspiration and encouragement to continue their literary journeys.”

For more information, please contact the GCS Cultural Development Unit on 200 40843 or email