Spring Festival 2021 – Short Story Competitive


The annual Short Story Competition organised by Gibraltar Cultural Services on behalf of the Ministry for Culture in conjunction with the Gibraltar Chronicle attracted a total of 431 entries from children in School Years 4 to 13 and adults. The Minister for Culture, The Hon Prof. John Cortes presented the awards on Wednesday 26th May 2021 at 4.30pm at the John Mackintosh Hall.

A panel of judge’s composed of Mr Charles Durante, Mrs Conchita Triay and Mrs Aida Delaney judged the competition.

The Prize Winners are:

Overall winner of the Ministry of Culture Award: Anna Breen – ‘The Lemon Tree’

Adult Category

Winner: Anna Breen – ‘The Lemon Tree’

Runner-up: Ishu Lakhiani – ‘Brightness of Black’

Highly Commended: James McNally – ‘About Time’

Highly Commended: Andrew Kimberley – ‘Missives to My Aunt Marg’

Years 11/13 Category

Winner: Cameron Walker – ‘Closer Than You Think’

Runner-up: Reuben Johnson – ‘Aberdaron’

Highly Commended: Christopher Mckay – ‘Looking Out the Foggy Window

Highly Commended: Ella Scarrott – ‘The Aftermath’

Highly Commended: Adam Sacristan – ‘Mountain Road’

Years 8/10 Category

Winner: Sophia Cuevas – ‘The Game of Life’

Runner-up: Megan Edmunds – ‘Upground’

Highly Commended: Nicole Zinovev – ‘Exposure’

Years 6/7 Category

Winner: Farrah Bruzon – ‘The End is Nigh’

Runner-up: Jathan Duarte – ‘A War Without Guns’

Highly Commended: Anna Federico – ‘A Night to Remember’

Years 4/5 Category

Winner: William Shacaluga – ‘The Life of William’

Runner-up: Cecilia Alarcon Bravo – ‘Freedom Never Comes’

Highly Commended: Amber Weir – ‘Freddie’s Adventures’

Spanish Category

Winner: Mark Montovio – ‘Nadie Quiere Volar Solo’

Runner-up: Vicky Bailey – ‘Recuerdos de un Dia de Niebla’

The Minister of Culture Prof. John Cortes commented:

“Gibraltarian Literature is growing as never before, with more and more writers producing material. This short story competition is one way of encouraging new authors to engage in writing as well as giving more seasoned ones the opportunity to share recent work. Judging from the high number of entries, the future of our Literature is bright!”.

Gibraltar Cultural Services would like to thank all the participants for their support.