Stained Glass Windows at Central Hall


Gibraltar Cultural Services, on behalf of the Ministry for Culture, is delighted to confirm that Stained Glass windows at Central Hall have now been installed. The winner of the design competition was Sean Ballester with a piece titled ‘The Dance’. Mr Ballester’s design was commissioned by GCS who engaged with a professional stained glass window company and have brought his design to life. The trio of stained-glass windows will be a predominant feature at the Hall and will be permanently displayed at the eastern end.

This is the first time in many decades that the Central Hall will boast stained glass windows, which were a feature of the site when it was used as a Church. GCS would also like to acknowledge the work done to restore the original window frame undertaken by GJBS, and the support received from the Ministry of Heritage, the Gibraltar Heritage Trust and the Friends of Gibraltar Heritage Society on this project.

The Minister for Heritage and Culture, Prof Dr John Cortes MP said: “I am so very pleased to see the installation of the new stained-glass windows, and so the completion of this phase of the restoration of the Central Hall. This is a project that brings Culture and Heritage together, restoring a feature of the South District that had been long lost and providing a contemporary design that reflects the cultural use of this important social and cultural venue.”

For further information please contact Gibraltar Cultural Services Facilities Department on 20075669 or email: