Street Art Mural Walk


Gibraltar Cultural Services on behalf of the Ministry of Culture is launching a new Street Art Mural walk, which it will be promoting as a flyer and online.

The flyer aims to promote the artwork, which is part of the Government’s urban renewal programme, and can be found in different areas within the City Centre. The flyer which is simple to follow, will encourage residents and tourists alike to visit each site and appreciate the work that has been produced by numerous artists. This self-guided walking tour has all the bases covered and still allows for some exploring. It aims to encourage visitors to make the most of their walking experience in Gibraltar by following the full trail or dipping into the sites that are either of most interest or fall close to their planned itinerary. There are currently twelve complete murals, some site-specific depicting different styles and concepts, with a series also promoting prominent Gibraltarian artist Gustavo Bacarisas.

This publicity material is in addition to the Art Walk Tours that promote Gibraltar’s art galleries, namely the Mario Finlayson National Gallery at the City Hall, the Fine Arts Gallery at Casemates and the GEMA at Montagu Bastion.

GCS is keen to promote the Gallery and Street Art guided tours, these can be adapted to schools and other groups, in keeping with the latest Covid-19 guidelines.

Minister for Culture John Cortes commented, “The Street Art initiative merges Culture, Heritage and Urban Renewal, and promoting this walk adds a quirky dimension to visiting our city centre which will appeal to many.  Once again GCS is at the forefront of an imaginative initiative in enriching our community.”

You can access the flyer online on

For further information please contact Gibraltar Cultural Services on 20075669 or email