Street Art Walk and Gallery Tours


Gibraltar Cultural Services has hosted twenty school classes from six educational establishments as part of the 2022 Youth Arts Jamboree programme, with tours of the Street Art Mural walk, GEMA Gallery and the Mario Finlayson National Art Gallery. Age groups have varied from A-level to the youngest being Year 1 students.

Pupils have learnt about the murals which can be found in different areas of urban Gibraltar as part of the Government’s Street Art initiative. The pupils were also met by some of the artists involved in these creations, Eleanor Dobbs and Jessica Darch who created the murals at Octopus House, Prince Edward’s Gate and Fountain Ramp. They outlined their inspiration, materials used, and the process undertaken. Geraldine Martinez explained her murals which focus on issues of the environment, with students really interested in the façade at the Department of Education. Monica Popham answered questions on the GAMPA mural with students keen to hear about her design and how she painted in this challenging area.

GEMA Gallery at Montagu Bastion also proved an interesting location, where students learnt about mixed media work, the works produced by Christian Hook, many young artists, and other winners from local competitions. Colour, form, landscapes, portraits, sculpture, and video installations were all viewed by the youngsters who left the Gallery buzzing with excitement. The interactive sessions saw them explore the vaults and smaller rooms asking inquisitive questions about the creations and artists’ ideas.

The Mario Finlayson National Gallery captured their interest in other ways too. Here pupils admired the accomplished works of our heritage artists; Gustavo Bacarisas’ varied and skilled paintings, Leni Mifsud’s colourful and energetic palette and Mario Finlayson’s rooftops to mention a few. The City Hall building provided a captivating venue where some of the young people had a chance to visit the Mayor’s Parlour and stand on the balcony overlooking John Mackintosh Square.

The Youth Arts Jamboree programme continues over the next few weeks make sure to check out what’s available and indulge in all the artistic opportunities on offer. More details from the Development unit on 20049161 or email