Street Art Walk

A Street Art Walk was held by Gibraltar Cultural Services on the 28th July as part of the summer programme offering. The Tour was led by the Development Unit and was free to attend. Those who attended were guided around some of the murals and the tour included meeting Eleanor Taylor Dobbs who is one of the artists involved in the creation of two murals which forms part of the
project for the Government’s urban renewal programme.
Those on the tour also visited the Mario Finlayson National Art Gallery at the City Hall to see the original works of Gustavo Bacarisas. The artist was inspiration for many of the murals around town, in particular Castle Steps where he grew up. They are based on his series of lunettes which he painted for the Cecil Hotel’s Ballroom in Gibraltar, one of which you can see on show at the Gallery.
The tour lasted two hours visiting ten different murals. The younger members of the tour were provided with activity sheets to engage with the artworks. These included learning about the artists, their murals and designed their own street art on paper. The group was provided with a ‘Street Art Walk’ map to explore more locations on their own. These can be downloaded online at
For further information please contact GCS Development Unit on telephone 20049161 or email