Visit from La Linea Concejal de Cultura

The Minister for Culture, Prof. John Cortes MP, today met with Encarnación Sánchez, Concejal de Cultura of the Ayuntamiento in La Línea and Mario Fernández, La Linea’s Teniente Alcalde, to discuss ways in which Gibraltar and La Linea could collaborate through Culture for the benefit of their citizens and artistic communities. Minister Cortes was accompanied by Gibraltar Cultural Services CEO, Seamus Byrne and Lianne Ignacio representing the Ministry of Culture.
As part of the new initiatives discussed, an art exhibition depicting the works of Gustavo Bacarisas and Cruz Herrera could be a project for 2022 featuring both the Gustavo Bacarisas Gallery and the Museo de Cruz Herrera. Other possibilities and exchanges were also discussed in literature, photography, and dance amongst other cultural genres. Both parties also agreed to create a transborder cultural working group with representatives from the Ministry of Culture and the Ayuntamiento, to explore these ideas and possibilities further.