Youth Arts Jamboree; Video Competition Winners ‘What Does Culture Mean to You?’


Two local dancers are the winners of the Video Project competition as part of this year’s Youth Arts Jamboree. This initiative, which aimed to inspire young people to use videography in an artistic and creative way, was launched by Gibraltar Cultural Services on behalf of the Ministry of Culture. It encouraged young people to create reel style short videos using their phones or other related medium to express what culture means to them, or how they view culture and the arts.

The winning video produced by Stella Bosano and Anna Victory encompassed the theme well with the creators interpreting culture as an expression of creativity. The reel is simple and well executed and includes different elements of the arts, with the young people involved showing off their performance skills and ability to engage with the arts. Stella added:

“We both share a passion for dance and the arts in general and when we saw this opportunity we decided to give it a go. Anna enjoys photography, books and editing and I consider myself an artist who loves painting and makeup, so we decided to collaborate and include a few of our friends to create this short video showing what culture has to offer us. When we saw this opportunity, we knew we needed to get the message across to the youth of Gibraltar that creativity is extremely important in Gibraltar’s culture. We put our own skills together to create something that touched upon different ways people could express themselves shown through movement of dance transitioning through different points in Gibraltar.”

Commenting on the winning video the Minister for Culture, The Hon. Christian Santos said “This video encompasses exactly what we had in mind when we decided to run this competition. Stella and Anna have beautifully presented their vision of what culture means to them through movement. The end product is rhythmic, engaging and explains their point of view, one which I hope is shared by all our young creatives. I wish to congratulate them both on their achievement”.

The winners were presented with a prize of £200, and will have the opportunity to work with Gibraltar Cultural Services to develop these skills and produce similar material in relation to a community event organised by GCS. You can view the winning entry here