The Alwani Foundation

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The Alwani family has been in Gibraltar ·since 1923. During this time, the Alwani Group of companies, founded by Ladharam Bassarmal Alwani, has grown and prospered. Today, the Chairman of the Group is Kishin Alwani, Ladharam’s son. He feels passionately that, in the same way that Gibraltar has been good to the Alwani family, it is appropriate to give something back to the community. To this end, he created the Alwani Trust, which has this year celebrated its 20th anniversary; and two years later, in 1998, the Alwani Foundation.

Since its inception, the Foundation has helped a wide range of groups, societies and individuals. The causes espoused by the Alwani Foundation range from Cancer Relief, Women’s Aid; Calpe House arid other charities to supporting individuals or associations involved in social, cultural, sporting and educational projects.

Over the years, the Alwani Foundation has developed a particular affinity towards encouraging the arts in Gibraltar, in the widest sense of the term. The Foundation has sponsored the best painting on a Gibraltar theme in the annual Spring Open Art exhibition, since 2003, and instituted the Young Artist Competition. It has also been closely associated with the Gibraltar Photographic Society.

At present The Alwani Foundation strongly supports The Fine Arts Association, Gibraltar Cultural Services & Ministry of Culture to promote Arts for the Benefit of Gibraltar Community.

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